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The World’s Guides?

God gave us Word-Light In the dark of night. Around the LORD’s Son, Like the lesser sun, We revolve in life, ‘Cause of Jesus’ Light. The darkened but see Blind imaginings. They–try to describe, Apart from scribes, The cosmos around

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While I Waited

While I waited with my wife, I had visions of new life. In her hospital room My son lay inside her womb. As each second passed, I watched the heart monitor beat so fast. I readied myself for this divine

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Every Time: Part 1

Every time Jim abides in vines Made of Flesh He finds Death. The vines snap in his hands And unravel to the ground— Broken lyres: They and their music Twist in the air Like frayed hair.

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Missing Pieces – Part 6

“I don’t know. You tell me.” “She’s obsessed with puzzles, O.K. She always wants to put them together. Her whole life, she’s enjoyed putting them together.” There’s a scream from the bathroom. “Stop it! You’re hurting me!” Just then, Bob

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Fallen From Old

Leaves dangle on limb— Like we: Green, And sprouting from shoots— Reaching for Him. But the burdening weight Of wants and desires Makes us bend. From shame and guilt? And were we formed, Fashioned from dust For shame sprung From

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Whenever I thirst Jesus arrives first. With a steady hand, He wipes the sand From my lips and dips A ladle in a cup, Brimming with water. Moving the ladle over the surface, He skims away my glassy image. Now,

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The baby nuzzles into my shoulder— Her warm, full cheeks against my neck— Make me want to hold her closer. But the too short moment passes: she leaves To play, and we both grow older, Time not lasting long enough.

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Murder Montage

Hector, may death course on you like vultures. Your family will soon see the sun baked blood dried on your face. I will hide your body from all ‘til maggots have their fill. Your fate is on the blade of

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Pick One

Ever agonized over entrees in a “pick two” option from a restaurant menu? What should you get? A salad and soup? A sandwich and baked potato? Or a salad and some mac & cheese? (The dizzying choices leads to some

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Deep Down

Clams disappear into the mud, Digging Themselves deep into the murkiness; She is one of them. Protected by her hardened shell, She is impervious to all. The waves laugh above, About her? Kernels of sand rub inside her: They are

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