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More Love

Just came across this quote about love: Make my love abound more and more in real knowledge and all discernment, So that I may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day

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The Road

The nightmare’s gone, And it’s early dawn. I see through a window now, Not through tears. The LORD has sloughed off my load Like the beginnings of laughter. I’m not bereft At all, Just a blinded Saul. My Maple tree

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I see the Trinity As a fruit-bearing tree. For one, The Son Reaches with outstretched arms Toward us Because Jesus, Is branches and limbs Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit in Him. God’s Spirit, like fruit, trembles in its own

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After every joke, there is a pause. “Will they boo or applaud?” O, Robin, I’m still laughin’ Remember when . . . Or when You were in . . . Man, you’re somethin’ else, Always help me take the focus

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Burning Wrongs

I lit the piece of paper, Listing the wrongs, on fire. It burned ashen in a few seconds time, Without witnesses to the petty crimes. Somehow, I’d recorded them in my mind And replayed them like a turn style, Spinning

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The World’s Guides?

God gave us Word-Light In the dark of night. Around the LORD’s Son, Like the lesser sun, We revolve in life, ‘Cause of Jesus’ Light. The darkened but see Blind imaginings. They–try to describe, Apart from scribes, The cosmos around

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Act the Way

My broken heart is stained from sin. “Lord, why’d you leave again? Yes, I strayed from the godly way You command everyday. Perhaps there’s fruit when I obey But, heart, what do you say? Can you cleanse me of binding

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We play along to songs, so wrong, Yearning for what lies beyond. We stop the music, but it still plays, Washing us away. We need. Need. Need. Call it thirst or desire Or some other word for-higher, Which longs to

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Though Enemies Assail

For such a time as this, It is my wish: In faith, not to fail, Though enemies assail. They surround thus Deploring Jesus. So, if I proclaim to be A follower of Thee, I will take a stand As best

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Righter’s Block

My well’s run dry, And I don’t know why. I plumb the depths Looking beyond my mess To righteously convey What I want to say. His Spirit finally begins to flow In a stream eddying slow Till He floods my

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