After every joke, there is a pause.
“Will they boo or applaud?”

O, Robin,
I’m still laughin’
Remember when . . .
Or when
You were in . . .
Man, you’re somethin’ else,
Always help me take the focus off myself.

What? Somethin’s wrong?
Yeah, I’m kinda busy here, is this going to take long?
You know I care,
But is there
A punchline somewhere?
Wait! No! No!
Hello? Hello?

I’m sorry, Robin;
I didn’t stop to listen.
When I had it rough,
You showed me great love,
But I thought of myself too much
And not of you enough.
You were just so damn funny

We’ve all had bad days;
Lives we wish we could change,
But somethings you can’t unchange:
A world that’s no longer the same.
So don’t forget
Every chance you get
To say, “I love you,”
To comedians, too.

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One comment on “Robin
  1. Fred Brake says:

    A beautiful mind, gone to soon. He will be missed by all.