We play along to songs, so wrong,
Yearning for what lies beyond.
We stop the music, but it still plays,
Washing us away.

We need. Need. Need.
Call it thirst or desire
Or some other word for-higher,
Which longs to be higher.
But the words pull us in the muck and mire.
We grow tired, so, so tired:
Reverse hunger, cold fire.

We need. Need. Need.
Bringing us to our knees,
This need. Need. Need.
It makes us tired, so, so tired:
Reverse hunger, uninspired.

He says: “Feed on me.
Feed on me.
Feed on me.
My yoke is easy.
Come to me
When you’re in need,
Abide in me.
You don’t have to need to need.
Just agree with me and you’ll see.
It’s so easy, so easy
I say, “Jesus, rule in me
Every part of me.”

We may tire, still get so, so tired
But the fire
Of our desire
Will inspire
Us to reach higher.
He says, “the Truth will set you free..
Free. Free. Free indeed.
You’ll never need to ache in need,
Ache in need, ache in need.”

Now I see.
I can be free. Free. Free.
Not bound by need to the worldly
Free. Free. Free. Free.
His Truth sets us free.
Free. Free. Free. Free.

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