Resurrection Bodies

Look in every direction,
And you’ll see resurrection.
Consider love; how it truly dwells
In our inner selves
When we die to self
And live for someone else.

In the same way,
We see a resurrection day
When a seed dies
Only to rise
In a new guise.

Or, in the evening hour,
We see the sun’s waning power
Blackening the skies
Like the final closing of the eyes:

When then,
Above the rim,
We see new, starry life
In billions of lights
Twinkling from the heights.

Or, after another Son died,
Innocently crucified,
Only to reappear
To those He held dear
Driving them on
To martyrdom,
So they could live again
His kingdom.

O’ to die everyday
In every way
That we might see
Our resurrected bodies.

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