Why God?

We often ask our deity
Why are you giving me
So much adversity?
What do you expect of me?
That I should take this quietly
And lay down as you take family
Give me frailty
And leave me without money.
Why? Why? Why?
Are you really good?
Giving me circumstances as you should?

I don’t know about you,
But I struggle with these things, too.
But in a small way,
There’s a voice telling me to be brave
And to give my all as He gave.
Even though wave after wave
Crashes on us, He came to save
The lost like us
Because Jesus
Said the poor in spirit, meek, and humble
Persevere and do not grumble
Because they inherit all
Unlike those who stumble
Over Him, the cornerstone.

So take heart:
When you’re empty, you’re full;
When you’re lost, you’re found
By the One who rose from the burial ground.
‘Cause He will lift us when we
Praise Him with a joyful sound.

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