I Will Serve All Of You

He cries aloud when it’s time to sleep
And then pitifully begins to weep.
But I must turn my back on him
Till he closes his eyes as if dead
And go the way as all mortal men.

Surely, there’s a mirror here
Of what God did to Jesus in the throes of fear
When He cried, “God, My God, why have you forsaken me.
Even though God loved Him infinitely.
He knew there was work to be done,
Chiefly for sin to be paid by the death of His Son.

So, I’m reminded thus,
When going down, my son begins to fuss
That I must get down to the business
Of what I must do:
Put him in his crib
For a while even though he doesn’t want me to
So I can write in a way that serves all of you.

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