Down To My Marrow

She asks question after question of me
Till I snap and become surly.
In response, she closes her eyes,
And I feel a pang and realize
That I’ve been much too harsh toward her.
She’s just trying to communicate as it were,
And she wants to spend time with her dad.
In a way, I should be glad
That she longs to be with me.

But when I think on this in the contact of faith,
I realize a double failure I cannot escape.
God wants me to pursue Him like a child
And ask Him to keep me company and remain in His will.
But what do I do?
I turn to myself and listen to “Kind of Blue.”

Perhaps, she’s learned the secret of intimacy,
And I should follow along instead of maintaining my secrecy.
God knows my heart to the depths
So when He and she beckon me, I should say, “Yes?
I am here for you
In everything I do
Because down to my marrow, I will always love you.”

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