Lesson From My Son’s Doctor’s Visit

My son saw the doctor,
And she filled him with humor:
“What beautiful eyes you have!
And listen to you laugh!”
He cooed and took it all in
Before the doctor left when
The nurse returned with a tray
With four needles in place.
She had a sheepish look on her face,
Turned to him, and slowed her pace.

My son continued to smile
Not knowing how he’d feel after a while.
So the nurse carried him to the bed,
And I pinned his arms down as if crucified.
The nurse plunged needle after needle in his leg.
After the briefest pause, his face turned red,
And he began to cry with tears streaming down.
I could tell he was puzzled how things could turn around
And looked at me as if to say: “Daddy! Daddy!
Why have you forsaken me!”

Perhaps, it’s the same with me.
I don’t understand the pain and agony
And think: “God why is this happening to me?”
But I know in the deepest part of me.
It’s the Great Physician
Healing my sinful condition.

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