Our True Father

We go through phases
At different ages.
My son,
For one,
Has just begun
To eat food other
Than that provided by his mother.
My younger daughter
Has traveled farther
Beyond such infant days
And takes in the food that comes her way,
While my older daughter is known to discriminate
More than they.

But everyday,
Each one of my children consumes food in a Biblical way.

For one, I transmute Scripture to my son
With fatherly affection
Then reshape it for my middle child in a form of fiction.
Meanwhile, my oldest daughter is more discerning.
So I offer her the lessons I’m learning.
In the end, the food He offers satisfies us all
And let’s us know that even if we fall,
We’re dearly loved
By a God who shed His blood
So we could praise the only Father who reigns from above.

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