Carry On

She wanted me to carry her bike
To the hill’s crown
So she could get back on and coast down.
The pitch of the hill was steep,
And I remembered when valleys are deep
I call on the Father to pick me up
So I carried her bike until we’d gone far enough
For her to ride again.
She rode ahead with the wind
Until she reached the base of another hill.
She turned to me and submitted her will.
“Daddy, will you carry my bike?”
She said, hoping I’d bite,
And so she wouldn’t have to pedal up the small pass.
But, surveying the hill, I couldn’t let the lesson pass:
You never know what you can do
Till you move
With all your might and persevere
Even when the pain’s severe.
So I urged her along
In repetitive song.
“You can do it!”
“You can do it!”
“Go! Go! Go!”
She pedaled and pedaled with constant complaint
As if somehow the work would make her faint.
Still, I gave her no quarter
And bade her to pedal even farther.
In the end, she made it the rest of the way
Which told me the Lord uses my children to have His say.

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