Free Book Giveaway

So here’s the deal: I’m giving away a free copy of my first book, “I Called You.” There’s one catch: you’ve got to be the first person to guess the subject of my new blog series.

Beginning today, I’ll start dropping hints about the subject for all of you with inquiring minds, because of course you want to know.


Because your time will be redeemed. This series will be one that refreshes you heart, mind, and spirit. What’s better than that?

A bottle of wine, you say? Yeah, but that will cost you at least $40 (and depending on the amount you drink, you could pay another price).

A designer dress? Well, then you’re out $200 and someone else is going to buy it or People Magazine will say someone wears it better.

A new job? Sorry, you’ve till gotta do the work, and you may have to sit beside the guy who flosses his teeth during lunch.

OK, now that I’ve got your attention, here’s the first hint:

This is something you can’t see but is one of the top three essentials for living.

There’s your hint. Contact me via my contact page on this site or on Facebook at

First answer wins!

See you tomorrow for more.

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