Hide and Seek

She often plays hide and seek with the Lord,
For days at a time and sometimes more.
She hides in bars and loud parties where the drinks flow free
Then awakens mornings full of misery.

So she hides again looking for refuge in food;
The food goes down, and the cracks inside become smooth.
But she feels fat, and then despairs,
Hiding again in men who put on airs.
But she finds they’re just cads in the end;
So in a moment of weakness, she calls a friend.

But her friend’s on to the next party
Where others are more fun than she.
So she turns inward and wonders: “What’s wrong with me?”
At rock bottom, she hits her knees.

“Come find me, Lord; I’m tired of hiding.”
He arrives because He’s always seeking.
And she finally learns to stop hiding,
Because we’re all worth finding.

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