The crowd around you is talking about this and that:
She’s ugly; he’s fat.
You resist at first: “I shouldn’t say that.”
But there’s a lust, a thirst to say your piece.
Then it comes out: “Yeah, he’s such a beast.
At least
He could brush his teeth!”
Those around you cackle that you’ve stooped so low,
Perhaps there’s a part of you that dies each time,
Because in your heart of hearts, you know
You shouldn’t have carried on so.
But just so you know we all fall at times to the depths below.
He forgives trespasses when we’re truly contrite.

But perhaps you don’t care and press on out of spite.
Then by chance someone says something about you.
You deny it at first but know it’s true.
It burns; it stings
And nearly brings
You to tears.
How dare they!
But in a way
You know it’s deserved;
So you swallow hard and carry on.
They don’t know who I am,
And I’ll give it back as soon as I can.
The gossip runs back and forth
Till you’re nearly horse.
The itching continues but you feel mostly the burn,
Perhaps silence is the hardest lesson to learn.

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