Know Then

We build towers that rise into the sky
Then destroy nations as leaders surmise
For profit, power, and nothing that abides.
But rarely do we ask ourselves why,
Until God, with a rush of His breath
Spits ocean spray
That wipes our creations away.
Instead, we rebuild for glory days,
And then turn back away.
Hurt, He hears us say:
“I’ll live to fight another day.”
If in one breath, He can destroy
Can He not also restore?

“No. He’s to blame for our loss.”
But if He’s the cause,
The One who wrecked the rod,
Does a holy God
Need to explain His case
To the human race?
“Yes. I don’t believe in someone who punishes me.”
Perhaps, your parents satisfied your every
To play with electricity
As a baby
To eat candy
Till you could no longer eat
And told you why we must breathe.
No, if you’re anything like me:

You know there are no easy answers on this side
Of life,
Only the love we provide
In response to others’ suffering.
Perhaps this is God’s testing
Of humanity
?And our major offering
That’s most pleasing.
If Jesus could be crucified
In the most painful way anyone could ever die
And God pained His One
And only Son
To take on all of our sins,
Know then,
There’s a purpose in
All our groaning.

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