The labor pains came,
And I studied away.
Hell’s womb
Had only room
For me
In captivity.
There was small comfort there
And no real need for air.
The world’s affairs
Gave me no care.
Still I found in there
A longing for more–
Of me?
I’ve got to be
All I can be:
I took in nourishment;
It was all about me.
Three days time
I rotted inside
Fixed on holy pride
To be the righteous guy.
Then the walls, my sins,
Came crashing in.
The suction pulled and towed
Till my pride and will bowed
Under its heavy load.
I was crucified,
And my old life died.
I cried
Like a baby delivered
Into the Great Physician’s hands.
For this I was born again:
To become of men,
A meagre man
And live, (the best I can)
To be more and more
Like Jesus, the only Lord.

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