In Response To Ephesians

Bending down, he wounded me.
I stored his wrath and mine
In the innermost parts of my mind.
I made it me and let my sins define
My works, drives, hurts, and designs.
Without God, I worked for me
And the prince of the air.
I thought the world unjust and unfair;
I waged a war to win my share.
No one else mattered; I didn’t care.
It was all about me,
But God, by love intervened,
Reached down with a hand unseen
And rolled away the stone and redeemed
A heart dead and emotionally reamed.
From sin by love into life, God
Made flesh what once was dead
Like Christ, resurrected.
He raised me up, and I rose from bed––
No longer a slave to sin but Christ my head,
And it was all God.
But not just for my good did he raise me such
But for more, much:
To have a place in heaven to rest, without hurts or crutch,
To be near Him, at His right, to hold and touch.
And it was all God.
He gave me faith in something I couldn’t see.
In His grace and tender mercies,
He gave; I cannot boast in me.
But in my LORD, my God.
It was all ordained unto good deeds,
Not works to justify me
But for God and His glory.
Now His plan unfolds to eternity
To work for my holy, holy God.

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