Rosa Lee

The snow falls
Kitten feet
On my windshield
While a cloud
Hides the sun
Like a shroud
Of your life’s passing.
Good Friday seems like a long
Time ago in this eternal moment.
But you are a miracle of our moments,
Our morale
Like this snow in mid-April
On a Carolina afternoon.
Excitement stirs within
As snowy newborns

The windows fog
Inside the car
As we remember
What we have forgotten—
Family, you.
I can’t dial the defrost
To the right temperature
On the glass
To let me
Or the back seat drivers
See our way.
We aren’t dressed
In black or gray
As we make our way
Back to the end
Of your trip
And the new beginning
That you have found
In God’s garden.
Your life grew
Abundant and beautiful.
Your final pruning job
Has begun—
Because now God has cut you closer
To Him, to eternal Life.

The drive home alone
This spring day
Is cold
But the falling
Of the “downy flakes”
On my windshield
Is so right
That I just stare ahead
Without ever touching
The wipers,
And I know
The flakes are Life’s feet
Coming down from heaven
Like the love
You shared
For us all.

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