With my wife’s final push, our newborn saw the world.
We already knew she was going to be a girl,
But she was still a marvel to behold.
I held her in my arms, turning her over, like a prospector his gold.

In the too bright lights, she blinked and blinked.
We cooed at her, and we laughed as she winked.
She was weighed and sized, tested and touched.
But we were not prepared as such

When she failed her hearing test.
We did our best
To hold it together,
But we wondered whether

She would face ridicule from her peers.
The next day she was tested again and failed.
The audiologist was a kind man who had hearing aids in both his ears.
Perhaps, our fears

Are unfounded I thought.
If he then she can make it.
Still, several days later we took her in
For another testing.

They attached sensors to her ears and the same kind man ran the test.
After a few moments,
He smiled and then said: “She passed.”
Of course, we rejoiced.

But as we left,
I thought
That she would have been OK impaired or not.
Haven’t we all got

Some sort of flaw, a thorn in the side
That we try to hide?
Still, her hearing is a gift I need prize,
Lest I forget the sound of the wind, the birds, and when a baby cries.

But as time has passed, I realize that I often seek what I haven’t got
And chase the sun, never arriving.
In this state of mind, my gifts are diminished,
And don’t I know my life will soon be finished?

If there is one thing I could tell my heart,
It would be this:

Don’t dismiss the things that seem small.
Aren’t I the same in the grand scheme of it all?

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