In God’s Time – Part 8

After a few moments, Eric appeared, grinning. As he entered the day room, Maria put her arms across Conchita’s chest and held her tightly; she wanted to protect Conchita; Maria wasn’t sure what to expect.

She hoped for Conchita’s sake her Christmas would be a memorable one for the right reasons.

“It’s Chita Chita Bang Bang and Santa Maria,” he said. “Ho ho ho.” He arched his shoulders back and rubbed his belly.

Conchita shrugged Maria off. “Da-ad. You’re so silly.” Conchita handed him his present. “Here we got you something. Go ahead open it.”

Eric looked the package over, started smelling it, and then tasted the wrapper.

“Dad, you’re supposed to open it,” Conchita said.

“Oh,” he said. “Like this.” He tore into the package, opened the box then held up his gift. “It’s a sweater! Thanks Chita.” He looked up at Maria.

“Merry Christmas,” Maria said.

“And a Happy New Year.” He set his sweater on a table covered with an unfinished puzzle then held out his arms. Maria haltingly approached. Eric embraced her and Conchita wiggled in between like she always did. Eric quickly let go. “You haven’t seen any elves around here have you?”

“No,” Conchita responded.

“Well, one of Santa’s helpers brought me something last night, and it’s in my room. Let’s see if we can find it.” Eric and Conchita raced off . . . Maria lingered behind. Nurse Molly approached.

“He seems to be doing a little bit better today,” Molly said.

“Yes. He does,” Maria said. There was a squeal from down the hall. It was Conchita. She ran back to Maria. Eric sauntered up behind Conchita.

“Hey, Mom. Look what Dad got me.” Conchita held up a blue, wooden box. Conchita turned to Eric. “What did you say it was Dad?”

“It’s a God Box,” he said. “Any time you’re having a problem, write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the box. Give it a little while, open the box, and read your note. Then, you’ll see how God has helped you with your problem.”

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