In a Hurry

Got to get everything done,
Everything, before the rising sun.
My pulse quickens,
As the coffee beckons.
I remind myself: the sitter is coming over,
As I put away the baby’s leftovers.

Now the baby ambles into the room,
I look at the clock. It’s already noon.
My older daughter comes into the room to complain
About having to clean up: it’s more of the same.
The baby brings me building blocks
In her unmatched socks
That she put on by herself.

Ellie complains that the baby is making a mess.
I become the General Council of the UN
Between two warring parties in
My own home. I must respond,
But instead am in despond
That I am late again.
I take a breath and look around.

I have the moment. Remain there
I tell myself, remain aware.
The journal entry is a moment I can treasure
Can use to measure
The life in life,
No matter the strife
Or chaos that comes my way
Or disrupts my day.

The changing of a diaper,
Which my baby calls “wipers,”
Makes me laugh as I recall in the presence of others
That I wouldn’t trade them for another
Or even this life, which if I remain
In the moment, can give me joy.

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