In God’s Time – Part 4

Just as dad stuck out his tongue at Conchita, the automatic doors jerked open and Conchita’s Mom stepped out into the cold. Against the cold, Mom raised her shoulders, tucked her head beneath the collar of her coat, and closed the flap on her double-breasted winter coat.

Conchita wasn’t sure why Mom had gone inside the hospital apart from Dad and her. All she knew was that Mom was supposed to talk to Dad’s doctors about getting Dad out of the hospital.

“Chita, run, here comes the wicked witch of the west on the chilly, west wind.” Eric raised his arms, drawing his hands back, wiggling his fingers as if he were casting a spell on Mom. “Hello, my pretty.” Eric narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips.

“OK, Conchita, we need to get back.” Mom ignored Dad, approached Conchita, and put her arm around her back.

“Noooo. I’m melting.” Dad dropped to the ground and fell on his back. Dad’s sweatshirt lifted up so that his stomach showed.
Conchita laughed then looked at Mom, knowing Mom wouldn’t approve. Mom looked over at the nurse assigned to Dad. “We’ve got to go.”
Dad quickly got to his feet and stood still as if frozen. “Look, it’s Mona Lisa. Never an emotion.” Dad pointed to Conchita. “Chita, my dear, thou musteth depart.”

The nurse reached for Dad’s arm. “Eric, it’s time to go back to the unit.”

“Unhand me you damn fool. I’m going to kiss my daughter good night.” Dad bent down and whispered to Conchita. “Santa Claus is a mystery, and I’m history.”

He kissed her on the forehead and looked up at Maria. “Are you leaving so soon, without your broom?” Mom bent down in front of Conchita, rewrapped Conchita’s scarf more snugly, and they left.

Dad waved goodbye in his bathroom slippers.

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