In God’s Time – Part 3

Dad looked as if he was enjoying a weekend away from the office. He had a couple days beard that matched his Robert Redford, honey-colored hair. He had a slender build—except his bulging belly.

Dad liked lying on the couch eating pint after pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Conchita teased him about his stomach, but not too much, sometimes he got a little touchy about it.

Conchita wasn’t too sure why she was at the hospital. Dad had been acting kind of strange lately and was hospitalized at George Washington University Hospital a week ago.

Her mom called it a nude disorder and said Conchita’s Dad had to stay on the grounds as a nurse watched over him.

Conchita never could understand what was wrong with taking your clothes off. Sure you couldn’t take off your clothes and run around the neighborhood, but Dad never did that. He just acted kind of strange sometimes and slept a lot.

Just as dad stuck his tongue out at Conchita, the automatic doors jerked open and Conchita’s Mom stepped out into the cold.

Against the cold, Mom raised her shoulders, tucked her head beneath the collar of her coat, and closed the flap on her double-breasted winter coat. Conchita wasn’t sure why Mom had gone inside the hospital apart from Dad and her. All she knew was that Mom was supposed to talk to Dad’s doctors about getting Dad out of the hospital.

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