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In God’s Time

Sitting on her canopy bed, Christmas morning, Conchita Jones scribbled on a piece of ruled notebook paper. After she was finished writing out her request to God, she tore the paper out of the notebook then carefully tore around the

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Parasites of the Heart

They nestle into my flesh, These parasites— Weaving through my palpitating heart— Their spaghetti shaped figures worm Their way, Constricting my innards, My essence Sick with secrets. I feed their movements, Create them— Frankenstein fashion— To keep inside From all

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Missing Pieces – Finale

Jack After the nurse closes the door behind her and leaves, I stare ahead at the wall. Great, because of her, I’ll be back in the Health Center tomorrow. I readjust the pillow behind me and use the remote control

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Missing Pieces – Part 6

“I don’t know. You tell me.” “She’s obsessed with puzzles, O.K. She always wants to put them together. Her whole life, she’s enjoyed putting them together.” There’s a scream from the bathroom. “Stop it! You’re hurting me!” Just then, Bob

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