The Marvel of It All

The lake is literally littered with leaves,
Forsaken forever by trembling trees
That could not hold onto its seasonal young.
The summer heat’s come
Receding the water from the lake’s banks.
Rocks resting around the rim give thanks
For the chance
To dry out from too much drink.
I think
This body of water holds a mirror up to the sky,
Its reflection, an image bearer, like me.
Now the early morning light awakens rising above the trees.
The peeping sun penetrates my pupils
Learning the ways of wisdom from our maker.
I can feel His heat on my face, in my eyes,
As I look down at the paper
In my notebook,
But I do not look
Up to stare Him directly in the face.
It’s so much more fun to do things my way.
Hide. Hide. Hide.
But He tells me He won’t be denied,
Not by a cloud, not night, trees, not any earthly or spiritual thing
For His light strips darkness bare of hiding
And holds greater share
Of the day, at least here;
Where neighbors pass, walking their dogs
On leashes, as others jog
Down the side of the road.
Some walkers stop to chitchat
About this or that.
But I know
It’s time to go
So I turn to walk home:
On the way back
Down the concrete path,
I regard the fullness of the trees,
And the swath laid bare for miles and miles
Of power lines carrying electricity to our homes.
The size of creation reminds me I’m not alone.
After all,
The marvel of being small
Is knowledge that He’s made it all.

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