Who is that beauty there,
Hiding behind her hair:
So small and fair?
She stamps her feet
When she doesn’t get her way
And to our dismay
Gets the milk out of the refrigerator everyday
When she is the first to get out of bed.
My little girl always ambles ahead
But doesn’t cry or fuss when she falls down
Then reminds you later she never made a sound.

She charms strangers when she tells
Them “hello” and “goodbye.”
Then screams as loud as she can
When it’s time to go bye.
If I could pull out all my hair at times like these,
I know I would and maybe more,
But when she nuzzles up close
I can’t stay sore.
I call her numerous names
But none so sweet or having quite the acclaim
As that she was born for:
Our Hope—I cannot love more.

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