Ice Figures

The cold
Keeps that which is old
And our love is undone.
The flakes fall
Beneath the ball
Of his blade—
He is carving our figures in ice.
We are saved
In this and all kinds of weather.

He has sharpened
A lovely form in your cheeks
And chin.
The wind
Parts for your face.
I trace
Your eyes with mine:
They are diamonds in a mine.
We will always be together
In this or fair weather.

You say, “The snow is dropping so fast!
Do you think it will last?”
I say, “I know.
Don’t shiver though.
The sun will soon appear
From behind the clouds, and our fear
Will melt to dew,
And then I’ll still be with you
Because we will always be together
In this, and all kinds of weather.”

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