The baby nuzzles into my shoulder—
Her warm, full cheeks against my neck—
Make me want to hold her closer.
But the too short moment passes: she leaves
To play, and we both grow older,
Time not lasting long enough.

And my older daughter?
She often reminds
Me when I’m wrong
And that I shouldn’t sing along
To her favorite songs.
Already, I see glimpses
Of a woman as she paints her lips.

But I comfort myself with the thought
That both my girls are with me now,
And we can still embrace,
Their warm faces
Buried in mine.
But as I lay the baby down for a nap,
The cold air on my face
Spells their absence.

So, I draw close to the warm memories
Of our snuggling.
The thoughts draw out something within,
Making me want to linger
Near the baby’s door
Savoring our moments together,
So I can remember
When they are gone.

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