Longing Hot

Longing calls, stirring within.
Is it love or vagrant sin?
Ache and want remain the same,
Calling in unified refrain.
Body follows mind, and mind body.
Does everybody
Feel this way?
Songs luring us to stray
Into each others hearts.
Isn’t that the point? Our parts—
Longing to fit one to another
In this pairing of lover to lover,
To soul.
The chest fills, the nostrils sting
With passion that bodies coalesce
Breast to breast
Lips to lips
And there’s so much more with hips.
Tension, release,
Then ease.
We embrace. Collapse our will
As flurry of hearts become still.
Man made for woman
Woman made for man—
Adam and Eve—
We conceive
And bereave.
But longing is our lot.
God hath forever made our furnace hot.

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