Broken Hearted Guy

Time’s just passed him by,
The brokenhearted guy.
The only girl he ever loved said goodbye—
Goodbye to the broken hearted guy.

He fluffs his one pillow and says goodnight,
But he knows try as he might,
There’s no one but him at home—
No girlish talk on the phone,
Only the thought that he’s all-alone.

Now the girls just pass him by,
The broken hearted guy,
Cause he’s not much to look at anymore:
A double chin,
Crooked grin,
Eyes battle scarred from the World’s War.

But his spirit’s strong.
Don’t get me wrong.
He makes the most of what he’s got
And won’t die a miserable sot.

And when time’s passed him by,
He’ll never be alone
And find a home
With the healer of all broken hearted guys.

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