A Writer Finds a Hint of Heaven in the Heartland

At first mention, you might not consider searching the Heartland to find a hint of heaven, but after learning more about this idyllic town, you might change your mind. I did. While writing a few articles for the Decorah Chamber of Commerce, I rethought preconceptions of Iowa as merely a giant cornfield with an expert writing school.

For one, I found Decorah, Iowa is the home of Luther College, a school known for its music program. In fact, the school hosted one of Dave Matthews Band’s albums, Live at Luther College.

The town is a modern version of the site of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s homespun stories: a town that retains all that is good about a simpler time: schools and colleges that have earnest excellence, surroundings that are safe for children, a culture which is steeped in Scandinavian history, a tranquil place, and a culture that is at once engaging physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Want to get to know the area better? Come visit!

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