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Black Coffee

You can tell a lot about a man by the coffee he drinks. This week, a hard worn, motorcycle mechanic has been stopping-in for his daily Cup A Joe at a local coffee shop. You’re probably thinking black coffee with

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When the leaves fall, so do I. My limbs let go in the wet night— Drifting Down: heavy with thoughts. Under the glare of the lights, Lining the streets, The slick roads become my mirror. But, all I see in

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Dreams of Dunlap

If you are ever in Tennessee, you might consider visiting Sequatchie Valley, Tennessee, home of a renowned hang gliding club, historical sites related to the Trail of Tears, and more. To read these and other articles, visit Community Link

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Once Upon a Time

As a writer, I’m always looking for stories that challenge our notions of failure and success. This unfinished “fairy tale” attempts to capture a family’s journey in the face of adversity. This is by no means a traditional family picture

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