Love You

You are worthless,
The liar tells.
You will fail today,
He almost yells.
You are weak,
He whispers when you are faint
You should not speak,
He says when you’ve been wronged.
You have no friends,
He says when you feel alone.
He attacks all the daylong
Till all your will is gone.
Give in to your favorite sin,
He says,
No one will know,
So hide away at home
And go it alone.

When you are in that place, stripped bare,
And no one is there,
And you think no one cares,
That life isn’t fair,
Know you are where
You were meant to be.
God works best in defeat
As you rest on His mercy seat.
Be strong and courageous.
Be bold in Him, bold in love.
Be joyfully contagious.
Be mindful of
God within and without,
And never doubt
He loves you.
Now tell yourself:
“I love you, ________.”

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