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Peace of Mind

Exhale the stress. Stop the mental chess. Drop your defenses. Be your senses. Feel the moment. Open your mind. Stay there. God’s aware You feel stressed. Just do your best. The kids can wait. Your boss can hate, But none

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Morrisville Chamber of Commerce

Articles I penned for the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce: Green Industry Duke Medical Plaza Morrisville, United Way of the Greater Triangle Senior Living

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Prayer of Saint Francis

A great poem, to know and say, as a means of taking the focus off ourselves in search of a higher calling, one we receive when we ask to give. Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; where there

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A loud cry into the world And out ventures every baby boy and girl. They are cradled in arms, seats, and beds Then, they crawl on the floor instead. They take a step then fall, step then fall, Till they

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