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He cinches sinews of might Around the night And binds darkness from the light. His unfathomable power Exploded all matter Into space. Still, as fighters We deny His awesome position, Exalting ourselves, our exposition. We say, “He’s to blame for

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Poetry Therapy

Poetry is more than a form of self-expression. It can heal. As a volunteer at a local hospital, I have written poems with children in the Children’s Emergency Department and have found that the children who contribute to creating these

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Writing for the Web

Are you finding writing for the Web is an exercise in futility? Remember information or content is the key. Think of your own experience as a Web surfer: You visit a site to check your bank balance, apply for a

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Tiny Dancer

Bailey and I got back from running errands and went straight from the car to stroll through the neighborhood. I tried to watch with her eyes. Not a cloud in the sky, the blue expanse stretching overhead. We stopped and

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